WOW Singapore Road Show – Sichaun province Chengdu

12 October 2016

The WOW Singapore Road Show popped up in the capital of Sichaun province Chengdu during China Golden Week Holidays from Sep 30 to Oct 3, 2016 at Capitaland’s Raffles City.

With the support from the Singapore Tourism Board who provided us with STB’s merchandise to be given out during the 4-day event, we attracted over 3600 new followers to our newly revamped Official WeChat account on a H5 platform at our event gallery.

The successful event also attracted the attention of Chengdu’s SME Business Association with over 300 members. The secretary of the association visited the WOW Singapore event at the mall and met with its organizers. This meeting led to the successful collaboration agreement between the Chengdu SME Association and ZACD, organizers of WOW Singapore, to tap into the membership resources of the association to explore potential partnerships in the future.