Making Children’s Xmas Wishes Come True

12 December 2015

As part of ZACD’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, it has become a Christmas tradition for staff at ZACD and SLP, to share the joy of giving by helping someone in need fulfil the Xmas wishes of their loved ones.

This year, ZACD was happy to be working with Focus on the Family (Singapore) https://www.family.org.sg/

Focus on the Family Singapore Limited is a donor-supported Institution of Public Character (IPC) dedicated to helping families thrive. They believe the family unit is the basic building block of a thriving nation.

They partner individuals and organizations to strengthen family relationships through differentiated programs, trusted resources, family counselling and content placement in various media.

One of the programs they run is called “Date with Dad”, where fathers are given the opportunity to participate in their daughter’s rite of passage growing up. It consists of fun-bonding activities, opportunities for meaningful conversations and interactions.

This year, Focus ran a special session for Dads in prison. In preparation for the event, the inmates attended a 12 hour Parenting with Confidence workshop across four weeks to equip them with practical parenting skills and principles. Their daughters also attended a briefing to prepare them mentally and emotionally for the event.

ZACD staff helped these inmates, who do not have the capacity to buy gifts, by donating the Xmas gifts that they would like to give to their spouses and children. A total of 70 gifts were donated.

The gift giving event was held on Dec 12th, 2015 at the Focus office in Bishan. Kain Sim, Group Chairman of ZACD, was in attendance as the VIP guest to present the gifts to the families.

ZACD would like to thank all staff who participated in this CSR activity and helped make this Xmas a heart-warming and meaningful one for these families of Prison Dads.