Investment & Asset Management

As ZACD’s Investment & Asset Management arm, we identify real estate investment opportunities in residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality projects, and offer them to our investors through the establishment of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). We manage our clients’ investments and assets through these SPVs and help them to realise the returns throughout the term of the projects.

We have a proven track record of managing a comprehensive suite of real estate investments in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, enabling us to grow our clients’ wealth steadily throughout market cycles, and in diversified geographical markets.

With expertise across each stage of the real estate value chain, we are able to identity unique investment opportunities and create value for our clients and joint-venture partners, allowing for greater control and supervision, mitigating investment risks.

Our clients can access our investment solutions through a variety of product structures – Property Development Funds, Asset Acquisitions and Private Equity Funds.

  • Capital Markets Services (CMS) Licence by MAS to operate as a Licenced Fund Management Company (LFMC)

  • Licensed Fund Manager in Singapore

  • Private Equity Management

  • Real Estate Fund Management

  • Sharing Developer margins
  • Co-development opportunities with reputable developer partners, tapping on their valuable resources
  • Annual dividend distribution and capital appreciation through asset enhancements
  • Growth through co-investment with reputable partners

Investment Philosophy

Value Investing

We actively seek out undervalued assets and opportunities in the market. Our team also has the expertise in finding solutions to unlock value in our investments.

Risk Management

We minimise joint venture risks through a careful partner-selection process and have in place strict internal processes and systems to help us measure, control and manage risks of other kinds.

Clear Exit Strategy

We have in place well crafted exit strategies prior to the investments’ inception and continue to seek value while preparing for exit – a contributing factor to delivering excellent returns.


We take pride in providing comprehensive investment data that is clear, timely and relevant for our investors.

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